Understanding and Using CFRAM Outputs

1 day

Delivered by the consultants for the Western CFRAM Study, this course aims to provide attendees with an understanding of the CFRAM Study, including the various risk and hazard maps and reports.  We will discuss the inputs and outputs and provide guidance on their use, limitations and benefits.  In summary, the course will cover:

  • What datasets underpin the CFRAM study outputs?
  • How was the hydrology derived and how can it be used?
  • How was the hydraulics of the river networks modelled?
  • What are limitations of the output and what are the pitfalls of using the downloadable information?
  • What liabilities are you exposed to when using this data
  • How to interpret the maps for planning and flood risk assessments
  • Introduction to the Flood Risk Management Plans and how they identified measures
  • What is really being said in the flood risk management plans?
  • What is their use and status?
  • What was missing
  • What is planned in the next cycle of plans?

Who should attend?

Local authority planners, engineers and GIS operatives along with consultants and other organisations who need to interpret and use the CFRAM Study outputs.