Flood Risk Assessment Masterclass

1 day

Flood Risk Assessments are a vital step in the development process, and with the increasing awareness of the importance of planning for flood risk at the earliest stages, coupled with numerous examples of the devastation arising from inappropriate planning, is an area which will see increased activity in coming years. Interpreting the OPW / DoECLG guidance the Planning System and Flood Risk Management is something that those who are required to undertake or understand FRAs may not be up to speed with. This may come down to requiring a greater understanding of certain points in the planning and flood risk guidelines, understanding key aspects of flood risk maps, key complexities and challenges, and how this information is used in assessing developments or proposals.

This course will give you a greater understanding of the FRA process and guidance on what is required to carry out an initial flood risk assessment and when a more detailed assessment is required. It will  include a review of updates to the Planning System and Flood Risk Management and a discussion of the implications of these updates for planning authorities and developers. When you leave this course, you will be aware of the key policies and legislation relating to FRAs in Ireland. You will receive expert and experienced guidance on issues such as mapping, understanding the hierarchy of FRAs, and when each stage is required. You will be aware of elements to be included in an initial FRA, considerations in appraising FRAs, have an understanding of when a detailed FRA is required and the challenges that may arise with this.

Who should attend?

This course has been designed and developed for both the public and private sector, and would be very relevant to planners, engineers and environmental employees in local authorities, as well as planning consultants, GIS consultants, design engineers, developers and anyone who is involved in planning and environmental management.