Climate Change

It is now recognised that climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing mankind. Governments world wide have policies and regulations to help reduce this threat. No company or organisation can ignore the strategic and operational implications and challenges of climate change as we move towards a low carbon economy. On foot of this the International Standards Organisation (ISO) introduced a series of standards (the ISO 14064 series). These standards provide guidance and specifications for the quantification, monitoring and reporting of either greenhouse gas emission reductions or removal enhancements. Part 3 of this standard provides both a specification and guidance for validation and verification of these greenhouse gas reductions. 

Besides meeting Ireland’s regulatory requirements and challenges of the Kyoto Protocol for the domestic sector JBA Consulting sees this challenge as an opportunity to improve a company’s competitiveness and improve innovation. In addition to financial savings in energy demand a company can trade the carbon credits gained on the Irish Domestic Offsetting Market.


Services Provided by JBA Consulting

  • JBA Consulting personnel are fully trained in the ISO 14064 Parts 1, 2 and 3 GHG Emissions Standard. The services we can provide include:
  • Conducting a Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory of your company/organisation as per ISO 14064-1 standard
  • Preparation of a Project Design Document for a greenhouse gas emission reduction project as per ISO 14064 Part 2
  • Validation and verification of the Greenhouse gas emission reduction assertions as per ISO 14064 Part 3 or as per the requirements of the Programme Authority.
  • Communicating climate change 
  • Attitude and opinion research
  • Risk assessment and planning adaptations
  • Behavioural change motivations
  • Facilitating organisational adaptations
  • Visualising climate change and communication


Relevant Experience

Our Technical Director, Declan Egan, has project managed a verification audit for the domestic offsetting market in Ireland. The audit was conducted to the requirements of the ISO 14064 – 3 Standard.

His team are experienced in effectively communicating technical and scientific climate change information and the application of sustainable adaptation techniques.  We have built up experience to engage a range of audiences, from technical experts to hard-to-reach social groups.  Our skills are based upon practice and are informed through undertaking research.

Our blend of technical understanding with 'on the ground' communications and engagement experience, underpinned by relevant research makes us ideally placed to provide expert support in the areas of climate change risk assessment and adaptation.