What we do

What we do

Working collaboratively across our disciplines, we combine analytical, engineering, social and nature-inspired solutions. Supporting our clients to adapt and build resilience to climate change in Ireland and around the world.

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Flood Risk Assessment, Resilience and Water Management

Our proven skills and experience make us a natural partner and a leading provider of the complete range of services needed to support communities and organisations to become more resilient. We support and empower our clients to manage the twin risks of flood and drought, encouraging and delivering effective water management.

We are recognised as leaders in the assessment and management of flood risk from a strategic level (County Development Plan and Local Area Plan) down to site-based assessments for large residential and commercial planning applications. We also work to evaluate and identify solutions for site-specific risks to manufacturing facilities and infrastructure providers. Through our expert advice and practical experience – we work with others to support private sector development and planning clients, national governments and agencies to define new policy and the practical actions required to deliver them.

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Environment and Sustainability

Applying creative solutions to our environmental issues and the sustainability challenges we face is essential to building resilience. We play a leading role in integrating the skills and knowledge needed to address climate risks.

Our specialists in landscape, heritage, ecology, fisheries, Environmental Impact Assessment, Appropriate Assessment, hydromorphology, climate adaptation, nature-based solutions for integrated catchment management, planning and sustainability all work collaboratively with our engineering designers, modellers and project managers to develop resilient places.

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We are dedicated to innovative, integrated engineering solutions that are leading in the pursuit for resilience to climate change. Solutions that bring together traditional engineering methods, new products and technologies, nature-inspired approaches and non-structural measures like flood warning and emergency planning. Our solutions are underpinned by the principle of being low-carbon through their whole life cycle.

We are industry leaders in the design and application of Sustainable Drainage Systems. Our design approach is to provide a water-sensitive environment, founded on providing water quality improvement, and habitat enhancement all whilst providing flood relief benefits. We strive to provide water-sensitive designs for individual developments or as part of large catchment feasibility appraisals. We are experts in the delivery of Rainwater Management Plans across Ireland.

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Modelling and Assessment

Modelling and assessment underpin much of what we do, from hydrology and hydraulics to forecasting and geomorphology, to economic appraisal and business case development. It is key to understanding hazard and probability, impact and risk, and planning and designing approaches to adaptation. Its effective integration into the development of resilience solutions is our priority.

Our modelling and assessment team are leaders in the application of trusted, industry-standard software to deliver detailed analysis for a broad range of studies. We are also pioneering new methods and emerging technologies and working in integrated ways across all our disciplines to create next-generation solutions. Our expertise in established and emerging best practice from Ireland, Romania and the UK is sought after internationally and supports the growth of our work in Europe, South-East Asia, Africa and Australasia.

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Technology, Data and Software Development

Our Technology, Data and Software teams undertake specialist development for the natural and built environment. The team comes from a wide range of backgrounds, including mathematicians, engineers and scientists. This enables us to tackle your most complex problems, creating outputs with meaningful and actionable insight.

Our user-driven design approach and agile development accelerate the value of your applications. It helps us deliver improved product quality, with more useful functionality, at a lower cost.

As an Amazon Web Services Technology Partner, and through our Cloud Centre of Excellence, we can help you digitise with confidence, and accelerate your transition and adoption of cloud services. 

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International Development

We support international development and humanitarian organisations worldwide, particularly in low and middle income (LMI) countries. Our work supports national and community-level activities around sustainable development, climate resilience, disaster risk financing and environmental safeguarding. Through our expertise in flood and climate risk management, we work collaboratively with international institutions, governments and humanitarians to develop the local skills and capacities needed to identify and mitigate flood and climate risks to build safer, fairer and more resilient communities.

Our Irish based team specialises in developing evidence-based strategic investment plans that prioritise Nature-based Solutions (NbS) for flood and water management. Where NbS is not fully effective we promote the greener-grey solutions.

Our clients include the World Bank, Asian Development Bank, European Investment Bank, World Meteorological Association, Insurance Development Forum, Start Network, national development agencies, national governments and others.  

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Industry-leading products

Our commitment to technical excellence and investment in innovation enables us to create industry-leading products.

Flood Foresight is our globally scaleable flood monitoring and forecasting system providing data on rainfall severity, flood inundation footprints and depth, and flood impacts.

ForeCoast® Marine is our strategic operational and planning software that enables you to design, optimise and manage complex offshore wind projects.

Our Global Flood Maps provide high-quality flood hazard data anywhere in the world, enabling decision-makers to better understand and engage with flood hazard.

JBA Labs - accelerating the pace, efficiency and scale at which we innovate

Innovation is part of our culture. Through JBA Labs we’re accelerating the pace, efficiency and scale at which we innovate. Putting innovation front and centre of everything we do – for our clients, for our business and for our people. Delivering impact across the business and beyond, enabling us to thrive and lead in society’s pursuit of climate resilience.

With a dedicated team of innovation specialists, JBA Labs is supporting innovation across the business, at every stage – from scoping out ideas right through to commercialisation. We help deliver projects at any scale, from creating more efficient processes to developing game-changing innovations.

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