Flood Forecasting & Warning

JBA has extensive knowledge of flood forecasting and flood warning systems, both fluvial and coastal in six countries. Flood forecasting and warning is one available non structural response to flood risk management.

In 2010 we completed a Strategic Review of Flood Forecasting and Warning, on behalf of the OPW.  This commission examined the potential benefits that flood forecasting and warning could achieve in Ireland, looked at the options for delivering the service and reviewed the requirements for resources, procedures and infrastructure.

Flood forecasting has many benefits including:

  • Avoidance of loss of life and injury.
  • Allows timely assembly of demountable and temporary flood defecnces and/or effective installation of household/commercial local flood resistance measures (flood gates etc.).
  • Allows direct and indirect savings to critical infrastructure.
  • Avoids misery, anxiety and inconvenience.
  • Allows better co-ordination of emergency planning and post flood recovery.
  • Assists with operational activities to improve conveyance/avoid culvert blockage prior to flooding.
  • Enables the timely movement of other possessions such as livestock and vehicles.
  • Enables business contingency plans to allow business continuity.
  • Avoids the loss of memorabilia and treasured possessions.
  • Allows early diversions of traffic to avoid congestion.

We are currently working to implement the benefits above into a forecasting system for Cork City, which will aim to provide high quality forecasts and timely warnings for flood events on the River Lee arising from both fluvial and tidal sources.

In addition JBA offer innovation and expertise in coastal flood forecasting. ForeCoast is our unique software that is setting standards for the development and optimisation of marine forecasting systems and operation planning.  JBA also created the European Tidal Database, a high resolution ocean model that is being used to assess marine risks (flooding) and opportunities (energy extraction). JBA's innovative Risk and Resource Roses help our Clients to visualise their interests using the latest interactive technology.