Mapping Applications, Geoprocessing & Spatial Analysis

Geoprocessing & Spatial Analysis

JBA has been developing customised GIS tools and methodologies for manipulating spatial data for many years as an integral part of modelling and mapping floods, in which JBA is a specialist consultancy. The geoprocessing and spatial analytical skills developed in the flooding arena encompass many aspects, which are equally applicable in areas outside flood risk, such as handling all types of data (rasters, polygons, lines and points), performing queries and spatial operations, automating processing tasks and generating outputs, performing predictive calculations and assessing risk.

We have experience in most of the major GIS programming tools, including ESRI ArcObjects, MapObjects, Modelbuilder, MapInfo MapX, MapBasic and Vertical Mapper, and in other programming languages, such as Visual Basic, VBA, C++, C# and Javascript.

Geoprocessing and Spatial Analysis application areas include:

  • Asset Management 
  • Flood Risk Management 
  • Reporting required under various EU Directives
  • Business Information Systems 

 Field Survey and Data Capture (Online)

Using computers in the field for data collection has many advantages over manual form-filling, particularly with regard to ensuring the standardisation and consistency of chosen data values and the time-saving aspect of post-processing the data.

The integration of GPS and digital cameras into handheld devices has further improved the manageability and functionality available to field surveyors and allows a variety of types of data to be collected and related to items of interest in the field.

JBA has developed their own GIS software package, GISmo, for use on handheld and tablet computers.  Built into this suite of applications is a web-based mapping and administration interface, which has been applied in various asset management scenarios and for post-flood survey and ecological data collection projects.

The features of GISmo, mobile GIS, include:

  • Creation of point, line and polygon features 
  • Background map support 
  • Layer control and Style tools 
  • Navigation and Search tools 
  • Generic data forms linked to user-defined attribute files 
  • Geo-referenced photographs 
  • Standardisation and consistency of data input 

Case studies include:

  • GISmo Asset Management 
  • Post-Flood Surveys 
  • Ecological Surveys