Peat & Wetland Restoration

At JBA we have an in depth understanding of hydrology, hydrogeology, geology, ecology and natural landscape associated with peat and wetlands.

We can provide you with a detailed peat and wetland assessment, design, creation, restoration and management.

Through detailed site visits and investigations including detailed peat ground probing and on-site peat measurement JBA can provide a detailed review and report on peat stability/instablility, peat morphology, impacts of heavy rain, any construction works, loading/unloading of the peat, dewatering and drainage effects and assessment of peat shear strength.

Our environmental, ecology and hydro-ecology team also have a unique ability to survey, assess, design and retsore wetland environments and deliver site management plans.

JBA also offer comprehensive site management capabilites and can oversee the implementation of mitigation and enhancement proposals.