Reservoir & Dam Engineering


JBA has extensive experience and expertise in all aspects of dam and reservoir engineering. At JBA we take very seriously the fact that reservoirs of any size can fail.

Our experience with dams and reservoirs covers the whole range of related services including:

  • Inspection 
  • Analysis
  • Design 
  • Construction supervision of new structures 
  • Rehabilitation of existing facilities 

Our core engineering resources are supported by professionals in fields such as geology, hydrology, ecology, geomorphology, hydrogeology, hydraulic modelling and planning legislation.

We have completed dam/reservoir/flood storage engineering services covering:

  • Feasibility studies 
  • Hydrological and hydraulic analyses 
  • Detailed design 
  • Construction supervision 
  • Flood assessments 
  • Dam safety inspections 
  • Quantitative risk analysis Inundation mapping 
  • Dambreak analysis 
  • Emergency planning 
  • Dam remedial works