Utilities & Services

Climate change, the uncertain world and current economic conditions have made it essential for those involved in the utilities sector to consider carefully how they plan, manage and operate their assets and infrastructure.

JBA offers expert services to utilities companies and we have an excellent track record.  We offer a range of services, a taste of which include;

  • Drainage Network Analysis: modelling pipe networks (surface, foul or combined); monitoring and analysing flows from new developments; investigating the connectivity of sewer overflows to improve future operations; assessing the risks and consequences used to prioritise the delivery of drainage area plans and modelling upgrades for small catchments.
  • Surface Water Management & SuDS: we are specialist in river flow modelling and we offer expert advice on the use of Sustainable Drainage Systems to assist with the compliance of the Water Framework Directive (WFD). JBA is able to call on the investment made in innovative approaches to surface runoff (JFlow+) and the assessment of the performance of SuDS systems (music) to provide technical evidence that is now in great demand.
  • Water Supply & Quality: assessing catchment management techniques to improve water quality and avoid the capital expenditure and carbon footprint associated with the construction of new treatment works.  
  • Climate Change: Our blend of technical understanding with 'on the ground' communications and engagement experience, underpinned by relevant research makes us ideally placed to provide expert support in the areas of climate change risk assessment and adaptation.

For other services we invite you to explore further our website and services tabs.

We value our clients existing and new and look forward to working with you.  So whether you are a returning client who knows us well or one who would like to find out more about this area of JBA’s work please do not hesitate to contact us.