JBA Ireland is 11 today!

In the last 11 years, we’ve grown from a staff of two to a team of 30 spread across two offices in Ireland, and a third in Romania.  Our floor area in Limerick has trebled as we’ve expanded down and across into neighbouring offices, and after only 18 months we had outgrown our initial Dublin office.  We’re a multi-cultural group, with representatives from  Ireland, Independent State of Cork, Italy, Canada/Columbia, Sweden, Russia/Bulgaria, Australia/Estonia, the Netherlands and the UK. The benefits of EU membership!

We have developed a strong local presence in Ireland, particularly as a result of our work on the Lower Lee (Cork) and King’s Island (Limerick) Flood Relief Schemes and through the preparation of numerous County Strategic Flood Risk Assessments, and have been nationally represented on both TV and radio on several occasions over the years.

JBA Consulting Engineers and Scientists has lived up to its name and has now built up a broad client and sector base, covering ecology, contaminated land, landscape design, civil design, and flood risk.