Energy & Renewable Energy

Ireland and Northern Ireland are committed to increasing the level of renewable electricity in the power system to 40% by 2020.  In order to meet these targets, it is estimated that the amount of wind generation across the Island will reach an installed capacity of between 4,800 Megawatts (MW) and 5,300 MW by 2020.  If these installed capacities are attended, Ireland and Northern Ireland will have one of the highest penetrations of renewable generation, as a percentage of system size, in the world.  

JBA Consulting is well placed to help ensure that this sustainable energy future is realised.   We have built up a strong reputation and track record in the delivery of onshore wind, biomass, PV and hydro projects through the application of high quality technical advice and extensive practical project experience.  Our team includes: experienced energy audit engineers, engineers and specialists in environmental disciplines such as hydrology, soils and geology, fisheries, ecology and landscape and visual assessments . JBA has supported the development of over 160 renewable energy projects since 2008, providing independent technical advice and related environmental assessments to developers, land owners and local government.  We have strengths in renewable and low carbon capacity studies working for over 45 Local Authorities on the deployment of renewable energy technology, also in technical and economic feasibility studies, planning approvals and funding.  

Our range of services includes: 

  • Site Feasibility and Due Diligence Studies
  • Environmental Assessment – scoping and coordination of environmental impact assessment of energy related projects, including:  
  • Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment 
  • Ecological Assessment 
  • Hydrological and Geological Assessment 
  • Peat Slide Risk Assessment 
  • Flood Risk Assessment   
  • Civil and Structural Engineering 
  • Hydro Energy Resource Assessment 
  • Hydrological Mapping 
  • Site Investigation 
  • Environmental Clerk of Works 
  • Project Management 
  • Technical Capacity Reporting - Renewables and Low Carbon (RLC) resource evidence base at regional, local and site specific scales
  • Constraints and opportunities GIS mapping
  • Resource assessments, e.g. hydropower, wind
  • Tailored mapping, e.g. heat mapping and grid assessments
  • Site Identification and Screening / Constraints Mapping
  • Planning Guidance for Renewable Energy 
  • Deployment options - translating technical capacity into realisable deployment
  • Local Authority engagement and training
  • Stakeholder engagement and consultation

JBA Consulting is driven by innovation and it is through the development of new techniques and solutions that we have recently entered the rapidly developing marine renewable energy market.  Our expert team of marine modellers provide highly innovate solutions to enable developers of marine renewable energy projects understand and mitigate the risks associated with operating in the complex and harsh marine environment.