Development Planning and Flood Risk Assessment

The following courses will be of particular interest to planners, developers and engineers working in the field of development management or forward planning.

JBA was lead author of the OPW / DoEHLG document, The Planning System and Flood Risk Management', and has unparalleled knowledge and experience in applying the guidelines.  We have undertaken dozens of Strategic Flood Risk Assessments and hundreds of site or development specific Flood Risk Assessments since the guidelines were published in 2009 and use this experience to provide worked examples, group discussions and case studies the illustrate the principles of sustainable development in the context of flood management.

As the consultants undertaking the Western CFRAM Study for the OPW, we also have an in-depth understanding of the advantages and limitations of the work programme and can provide guidance on the appropriate use of the map outputs, suggesting how and where supplementary data will be beneficial.  This understanding is demonstrated through our work in developing Flood Zone Maps for SFRAs, and as discrete commissions for local authorities to undertake their own SFRA.