Minor Flood Relief Schemes

 At JBA we understand that not all flood management works will be commissioned directly by OPW through large scale contracts, and we have considerable experience working on smaller scale schemes which may provide protection for individual properties or a small group of buildings or utilities.

One mechanism for securing funding is through the the Minor Flood Mitigation Works & Coastal Protection Scheme, which was introduced by the Office of Public Works in 2009.  The purpose of the scheme is to provide funding to Local Authorities to undertake minor flood mitigation works or studies to address localised flooding and coastal protection problems within their administrative areas. The scheme generally applies where a solution can be readily identified and achieved in a short time frame.

The schemes may be proposed to OPW by the local authority on behalf of individuals or community groups.

Works typically included under such funding routes include culvert resizing, design of trash screen and maintenance regimes, diversion channels, landscaping of detention ponds and localised flood relief walls and embankments.

JBA can assist in all stages of the process, from preparing the pre-feasibility screening report, meeting with the local authority, preparing the submission for OPW, through to designing the scheme, tendering and carrying out site supervision.