River Restoration

At JBA we understand rivers. We work with them to create naturalised landscapes. Our teams of highly qualified experts combine experience, skill, excellence and sensitivity to enhance rivers and benefit their communities.

We recognise the river and its floodplain as dynamic units responding to natural and imposed pressures and we work with them not against them. We use natural processes and create sensitive yet sustainable systems.  Our plans encourage natural river dynamics and embrace the local and wider environment and its ecology.   We are specialists in managing sediment to protect against flooding or damage to the environment.

We manage our projects from their initial stages right through to post project monitoring and management. You can be confident that our work will comply with the Water Framework Directive because we employ some of the country’s leading experts in this field.  We have undertaken numerous hydromorphic / geomorphic Water Framework Directive (WFD) compliance assessments for both private and public sector clients and have a thorough understanding of WFD policy and protocols.