Surface Water Management, Drainage, SuDS & Consents

Surface Water Management

JBA have the capabilities to design surface water drainage systems (using Windes software where required) as well as create flood maps for the exceedance rainfall using JBA's in-house 2-D hydraulic model JFLOW+®. JFLOW+® is a fully hydrodynamic 2D hydraulic model which solves the full shallow water equations to route surface water flood volumes across the surface of a DTM.  This is a specialist piece of software which the company has developed, and will allow flow routes and depth grids to be produced.

Drainage Design & Consents

The JBA team is frequently tasked with identifying creative design solutions to building and development challenges. These include:  

  • Surface Water Sewer Design
  • Surface Water Attenuation Design
  • Suds Design
  • Culvert Design
  • Foul Sewer Design
In line with the above design services JBA can assist you with any
  • Planning Application
  • Discharge License Applications 
  • Application for consent to the OPW or other statutory bodies (such as Application for Consent under Section 50 of the Arterial Draiange Act, 1945, Construction, replacement of Alteration of Bridges and Culverts)

JBA are also on the approved supplier list with Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council as SUDS reviewers.  In this capacity we provide a rapid and independent review of design proposals, as required by the council engineering department.

Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS)

Traditional drainage systems were designed to convey rainwater and surface water from the point at which it has fallen to a discharge point, via underground pipes systems to either a watercourse or soakaway as quickly as possible. This may result in flooding probelms downstream and reduce the recharging of ground water.. In addition, conventional drainage can also create a direct pathway for pollutants from urban areas to pass into watercourses and ground water. 

SuDS overcome the problems associated with conventional drainage systesms and achieve multiple objectives

  • SuDS remove pollutants from urban run-off at source.
  • SuDS control surface water run-off from developments.
  • SuDS ensure that new developments do not increase flood risk downstream.
  • SuDS combine water management with green space, amenity, recreation and biodiversity value.

SuDS Solutions include

  • Source control measures, including green roofs and rainwater recycling.
  • Infiltration devices, including soakaways and bioretention areas.
  • Filter drains, swales and permeable pavement.
  • Oversized pipes and underground storage tanks.
  • Detention basins and ponds.

JBA undertake feasibility studies to develop suitable SuDS solutions for small or large developments, including retrofitting SuDS in existing developments.

JBA provide SuDS design (using WinDes software where appropriate) enabling analysis of various options to achieve the best hydraulic and economic design.

JBA can assess the conceptual design of SuDS treatment processes using music software (Model for Urban StormWater Improvement Conceptualisation). music simulates the effect of a variety of pre-treatment, source control and site control measures under a range of rainfall conditions. The software allows complex stormwater management scenarios to be quickly and efficiently tested.