Flood risk management training delivered to hundreds

Our Flood Risk Management team are nearing the end of developing and presenting an 8 module series of seminars on various aspects of flood risk management.  The course was commissioned by the Local Authority Services National Training Group, with funding from the Climate Action Regional Offices and was aimed at local authority staff with some involvement in flood management.  The modules cover topics ranging from flood policy and legislation, hydrology and hydraulics, flood alleviation solutions and emergency response.  They have been delivered by a team of JBA’s own experts and a number of guest lecturers from OPW, various local authorities, Met Éireann, GSI and LAWPRO.  Over 150, and up to 250, local authority staff have attended the morning training sessions, which were delivered remotely as Zoom Webinar.  Interactivity was added through regular Q&A sessions, and by the inclusion of polls to gauge knowledge, assess experience and add some points of discussion.  Feedback on the modules has been very positive and there has been learning for all presenters and attendees alike.

For Local Authority staff, recordings of the modules are available directly from the LASNTG website.  If you are interested in scheduling your own training course, please contact training@jbaconsulting.ie