Coastal & Marine

Our Coastal Risk Management Group is industry leading in terms of the innovative approaches we develop to identify, evaluate and mitigate coastal and marine risk management problems.  We provide holistic services to our clients that include flood and marine modelling and forecasting systems development, strategic planning of marine renewable energy developments, the full range of coastal engineering services and coastal and estuarine sediment transport analysis.  Over the past number of years we have developed an unrivalled reputation for the quality and innovation of our work and our effective approach to project management and client partnering. 

Some of the key innovations that keep us at the forefront of the industry are the European Tidal Database, ForeCoast and the Risk Rose.  The storm surge models that we developed as part of the European Tidal Database, for instance, played a key role in the recent high profile Coastal Flood Boundary Data projects carried out in the UK. These models have also been used to develop national scale coastal flood maps for Ireland and Northern Ireland. Our Risk Rose and ForeCoast software are also setting new standards for the development of coastal flood forecasting systems.  

Our approach to coastal engineering is also unique.  We combine our engineering design and modelling and analysis services to ensure that the solutions we develop are maximised in terms of technical effectiveness and public buy-in, minimised in terms of cost, and are resistant to the impacts of climate change.