Marine & Coastal Engineering

Our team of engineers have wide ranging and in-depth experience in all elements of the coastal engineering design process, from the development of conceptual coastal defence options and appraisal, coastal asset condition inspection and management planning, through to the detailed design of structures and the supervision of construction works.

We develop designs for a range of coastal defence solutions including seawalls, rock armour revetments, off-shore breakwater, bridge options, causeways, beach control structures, breakwaters and beach recharge.  JBA's recent coastal defence design projects have included the design of tidal energy capture systems, detailed financial planning and economic analysis. JBA's coastal engineers work closely with our coastal process specialists to ensure that all engineering designs are fully supported by wave, tide and sediment transport numerical modelling.  If your project is moving towards the construction stage, we will support you with the development of contract documentation and management of the tender process. During the construction phase we provide site supervision support and management services, if desired.

JBA can assess and model your coastal assets' and your properties' exposure to coastal flood and erosion risk. We survey your assets and then predict their life expectancy using an anticipated deterioration curve, which will help you to manage your assets effectively for their full lifespan.  This can be coupled with the development of a beach / frontage management plan that considers the full range of pressures and challenges affecting your coastline and helps you manage your budget and resources efficiently.

If you have failing assets, we will work with you to develop concept designs and undertake a full options appraisal.   We have extensive experience working with stakeholders to help develop options that are not only technically feasible and affordable but offer the best solution for all interested parties. We have had great success using the multi criteria assessment with stakeholder workshops to develop options that are truly compatible with local needs.