Scour Analysis & Risk Management

The impact of scour on bridges, culverts, river and quay walls can be significant. JBA offers expert advice in scour risk management and protection. Our experience and methods, developed over more than 18 years experience, allows our engineers to make informed judgements on the management of scour risk.

JBA would be pleased to discuss our capabilities in scour assessment and scour risk management with you. We offer a range of consultancy services - including advice on

  • strategic and risk-based assessment; 
  • detailed site assessment; 
  • supervision of inspection and survey;
  • scour protection design and 
  • construction supervision

JBA is particullar expert in the provision of bridge scour assessment services. Our committment to reducing our clients costs has lead us to develop tools and approaches to assess bridge scour efficiently and cost effectively. JBA has developed JScour, which provides, a web based mapping tool to display, analyse and report asset scour information allowing efficient and effective management of scour risk.