Private or Community Water Supply

Private or Community Water Supply

If you are fortunate enough to have an independent water supply, are you getting the best out of it?  Or perhaps you have yet to develop one…

We’d like to introduce ourselves to you to help you make the most of your natural asset.  There are the obvious measures such as improving the yield or reliability of an existing source, and we maybe able to help you develop it further to realise its full potential.  Whatever you require, JBA Consulting offers a comprehensive support service.  We can manage or support you through the whole process: from initial planning, through to investigation, testing, licensing and commissioning.

What are the benefits?

There are many benefits in developing your own source of supply, be it from a borehole, a spring, a river or a lake.  You can reduce your running costs and realise substantial savings over your mains water bills.  You have greater flexibility over rates of supply, regardless of any restrictions such as hosepipe bans . You have a more reliable supply source and the quality of your water is less prone to the fluctuations in taste and composition that can sometimes be experienced with a mains supply.

JBA’s  expertise

We offer the following services, specifically for the development of private water supplies:

Water resource assessment • hydrological and hydrogeological analysis • borehole performance tests • managing the abstraction licence process and application • liaison with Environment Agency • water quality investigations • water treatment for compliance with Private Water Supply Regulations • catchment protection studies • geophysical/CCTV investigations • borehole drilling and testing

Who we work with

Those involved in:

  • Agriculture: irrigation and livestock 
  • Food and drinks industry
  • Golf course irrigation
  • Third sector organisations
  • Country park and estate supplies 
  • Property development 
  • Bottled water industry 
  • Power: cooling and process 
  • Manufacturing industry 
  • Minerals and mining industry 
  • Private domestic supply 
  • Leisure and theme parks

And more……