Landscape Architecture & Visual Impact Assessment

Landscape Architecture

Landscape is at the heart of our lives – it is often the most visible aspect of a scheme, shaping impressions and experiences for users and observers and making a place unique. People value good landscapes: clients, developers and the public. They can make a scheme more attractive, marketable and profitable or help reduce and avoid negative or undesirable impacts. Good schemes are also beneficial to ecology, biodiversity and the function of the natural environment. With the increasing pressures and conflicts arising from intensive development, population growth and climate change, the need to create spaces and schemes that are attractive, appropriate, robust and manageable has never been greater.

Our team believe that landscape should be considered from the earliest stages and have skills and expertise that is rooted in an appreciation of how the environment works. Within this wide-ranging profession, we understand sustainable technologies, green infrastructure concepts, hydrology, ecology, horticulture and heritage. In addition, as a benefit of our role in an environmental consultancy, we can draw upon a wide range of profession expertise and input from other related and relevant fields. 

We provide a range of design services from concept development, strategic landscape design, landscape planning advice and masterplanning through to sketch, detailed design and on-site delivery including supervision and contract management in both urban and rural environments. Our belief is that attractive, informative visuals—such as photomontages or visualisations—allow clients and stakeholders to understand and appreciate a design, even where the development is not landscape-led. We can also provide detailed analysis of impacts—from landscape appraisals to EIA inputs—making recommendations for mitigation and improvements where possible. By successfully balancing the aims of the developer and planning authority we aim to deliver the best solution for each site through rapid and efficient planning consents. 

Our portfolio includes masterplanning, green infrastructure strategy, flood protection and alleviation schemes, contaminated land restoration, urban design, housing, business, power, tourism and recreation related development and landscape studies. Many of our projects include elements of nature conservation, habitat enhancement, changes in land use and recreational or access issues.  We also have experience in landscape sensitivity and capacity studies and have provided landscape impact assessments for a large number of renewable energy projects. 

Adapting to climate change is a core element of our design philosophy and our broad base in environmental consultancy has enabled us to deliver sustainable design solutions.

Photomontages & 3D Visualisation

Our extensive experience in landscape impact assessment has allowed us to develop techniques required for high quality graphics. We can produce photomontages and 3D visualisations to current national standards, alongside maps, plans, sketches and other consultation material that can provide clear and concise support for planning applications, design development and stakeholder consultation.