Software Development

Our range of cutting edge software compliments the services we offer and has been inspired by challenges presented by clients and staff alike.  Our software development uses a combination of various tried and tested processes and methodologies, coupled with innovative thinking with the aim of creating the best solution.  Software applications include:

  • GISmo is an application for handheld devices developed originally to provide UK based Network Rail geotechnical engineers with a tool for their risk analysis, maintenance and assessment procedures. It includes the GISmo website to make the data available near real-time to asset owners for management and reporting. 
  • JScour is an online platform that provides clients with tools to display, analyse and report asset scour, as well as the means to effectively manage scour and its associated risks.
  • JFlow sets the standard in hydraulic modelling, running on the largest dedicated flood modelling computer grid in the world. It was the first software of its kind to harness the power of gaming technology for faster, more detailed predictions and has been recognised by the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering as an outstanding innovation.
  • JScreen produces fast identification of asset locations and flood risk mapping, along with cost benefit analysis. It can assist with planning maintenance budgets, as well as determining potential future capital works. Third party liability complimentary services cover all aspects of culvert and bridge design, installation, operation and maintenance.