Site Specific Flood Risk Assessment

If it is a site speicific flood risk assessment (FRA) as a planning requirement or otherwise JBA can help you.

JBA was commissioned by the the OPW, DAFF and DoEHLG to produce a guidance document for planners, engineers and developers, and have worked with many local authorities to provide training and guidance to planners in setting standards for flood risk assessments.

JBA offers three levels of FRA to satisfy the Justification Test and can advise which is most appropriate for your development:

FRA Level 1 - Flood Risk Identification

Investigation and report to assess any flooding or surface water issues which may require further investigation or confirm that the site is at low risk of flooding from all sources.  As part of this stage of the assessment we will also provide an early stage recommendation for the rest of the assessment.  This allows developers to make an informed decision by balancing flood risk and impacts on the development, with budgetry considerations.

FRA Level 2 - Initial Flood Risk Assessment

The Level 2 assessment builds on Level 1, and includes:

  • Appraisal of the availability and adequacy of existing flood risk information. 
  • Qualitative appraisal of flood risk posed to the site and the potential impacts the development will have on flood risk elsewhere.
  • Production of an FRA including possible flood risk mitigation measures to reduce flood risk to acceptable levels.

FRA Level 3 - Detailed Flood Risk Assessment

The Level 3 assessment is only undertaken if the previous stages determine the need for quantitative analysis to assess flood risk issues relating to the development site.  Our assessment will culminate in production of a detailed FRA which may include;

  • topographic survey of the channel and surrounding ground levels,
  • hydrological assessment of the catchment,
  • hydraulic calculations and modelling to quantify the flood risk to the site,
  • assessment any offsite flood risk impacts,
  • considerations of existing and proposed surface water drainage arrangements and
  • determination of appropriate flood risk mitigation measures.

JBA Consulting has extensive experience of completing Flood Risk Assessments (FRAs) which are fully compliant with The Planning System and Flood Risk Management: Guidlines for Planning Authorities.

Why Choose JBA

JBA are recognised experts in Flood Risk Management. We complete 300-400 Flood Risk Assessments per year for our clients and have established credentials and relationships with planning authorities and the OPW.